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Images taken 7 years after completion

Cherry Pick


Built-up Area   





- 5,20,000 sqft

- Perumbakkam 

- Built

- 2016

Cherrypick grew out of the intent to create a community that gravitates to the oasis, a centre to energise oneself. Cherrypick was designed to bring people together, to forge connections and facilitate serendipity.

The site sits in a reclaimed portion of a marsh land and is about 7.5 acres in extent. During the first site visit, we were taken aback by the journey from the main road to the site. It was not fully developed and we were hoping that we were coming to a virgin land. Alas, that was not to be.

A good 5kms away, our site was bounded by almost 2000 numbers of Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance board, multi-storeyed tenements terribly built, unoccupied. We had a huge HT line running through the site. It was such a let down.

We went back feeling as to why people would move in here where the connectivity, infrastructure and basic facilities were meagre. To get to public transport, one had to walk over 6kms through unlit roads. The hope was that there was development happening slowly but in a haphazard manner and one wondered what a mess it would turn out into.

What would we need to build to allow our residents to feel that coming home was welcoming and that they could call home?

It was time to build this Oasis in the urban jungle. 

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