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My wonderful journey with edifice is about for seven years including couple of long breaks. When I moved to Chennai, was looking for a workplace with adaptive and supportive work culture. Edifice was exactly the one. I was fortunate to work with Pramod, a brilliant designer, a kind boss and above all a great human being. His unbiased receptivity gives freedom to everyone, which makes the office environment live and vibrant. I believe “sensitivity leads to creativity” and Pramod has lived it. I wish him all the success in life. It has been a memorable journey with the Team edifice.

Rajesh &

Seldom do we hear of architects shaping foundations, yet starting our career in Edifice molded the foundation of our professional journey, rendering it remarkably versatile.

Pramod Sir has left an indelible mark on us as Architects.  He instilled in us the art of perceiving spaces, the significance of meticulous detailing, the importance of integrating every functional and service aspect into design evolution, the appreciation for stakeholders' perspectives, being flexible to change without compromising ethics and ethos.

Even though we are far apart from edifice in distance and time, the team, the values and each person that we have worked with are and remain very close in our hearts.


Pramod sir has been my mentor since 2002 when I was still in college. I also had the privilege of working in his firm. His style of teaching and mentoring have always been atypical, hands on, thought provoking and inspiring. He is not just a legendary architect but also an amazing human being to learn from.


The memorable fifteen years at edifice is a real possession in my life. The willingness to teach, a great capacity to inspire, a clear sense of vision! Words cannot describe Pramod Sir! A true Mentor he is! Edifice has given me a lot of lifetime friends to cherish! I miss you edifice!


I worked with edifice for almost 11 years as an architect. I went from being almost a freshie to managing my own team and handling large projects. I grew with the company, from a team of 11 to almost 50.

As a fresher, I shadowed Pramod everywhere, from sites to client meetings, conferences to interior fairs, learning everyday. Pramod has an obsession with detailing & services, which is infectious. And he loves to teach. These qualities, combined with his immense architectural knowledge & passion, formed the best training ground that I could have asked for. Work was enjoyable, with a lot of freedom in decision making & the entire design process.  The whole team was like family, and we had some wonderful times, forging lifelong friendships. On a personal front, I had two small kids when I joined the company. As all working mothers know, it’s not easy without a support structure. Mine was Pramod. He was extremely understanding, giving me all the flexibility that I needed, never ever chiding me for timings or days off. Without that support, I couldn’t have had a career. He is my inspiration for encouraging young mothers to start working again. On the whole, an extremely rewarding experience, where I grew confident of my own abilities, to the point where I could take the decision to venture out on my own. Thank you so much Pramod, for being a wonderful boss, a great teacher & a good friend.


Edifice marked the beginning of my professional journey, and I am grateful for the invaluable experiences gained during my time here. Entering the industry as a newcomer brought a mix of fear and excitement, but the warm atmosphere from everyone at Edifice quickly cleared those apprehensions. I had immense support from my colleagues to make my transition seamless. Working under the mentorship of Pramod sir was a true blessing. Our conversations extended beyond architecture, delving into various facets of life. These conversations instilled a sense of purpose and passion, shaping my approach to both professional and personal pursuits. He encouraged us to question, think critically, and consistently strive for the better. Edifice not only refined my architectural skills but also played a key role in nurturing my social skills. As a designer, effective communication is paramount, and Edifice provided a platform to enhance it. Engaging with different stakeholders, from clients to site engineers and consultants, became an integral part of our daily routine. Above all, the essence of Edifice lies in its remarkable people, who consistently contribute to outstanding work. My time at Edifice has not only enriched my professional skills but has also contributed significantly to my personal growth.


My time at Edifice was one of the most formative periods in my career. Edifice gave me the space to explore various design realms so that I could discover my true voice and passion. Pramod Sir’s mentorship extended beyond Architecture, and I am happy to have his guidance and support even now, so many years after I stepped out of the company. The environment is truly very supportive, and the knowledge one can receive from Edifice’s immensely talented workforce is invaluable. Even though I was a fresher architect at Edifice, I always felt like my voice was heard and what I had to say mattered. I couldn’t thank Edifice enough for giving me the solid foundation it did which helped me become the designer I am today.


I had joined Edifice right out of college in 2008. I should start my experience right from my interview with him where he didn't even want to look at my portfolio. he just had a chat with me for half hour and said i can just start the next day. From that moment it has been a wonderful journey through architecture. he literally handhold me during the initial stages making me learn fundamentals and learn the practical side of architecture. He's is one of the greatest teacher i have come across. the amount of time he spends with the interns is testimony to that. edifice is one of the best office for a fresher to join and learn. I got the opportunity to work on a variety of projects under his supervision which gave me the confidence to handle projects on my own. the work place environment is fabulous where you can just walk to anyone for information or clarifications. the traditions of joining treat and relieving treat is something to cherish to..

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