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We are so grateful to have chosen Edifice as the architects for the construction of our home. We are two families and we had different requirements and briefs, and Mr Pramod Balakrishnan and his team have guided us through the entire journey- from providing us with a variety of choices and practical options to seamlessly integrating our homes in the same space. From the inception of design to plan development to supervising construction, their expertise and support in this field has been exceptional, the result of which is beautiful, light filled, comfortable and modern home that we have always wanted.

Ganesh Balasubramaniam

Hi, Today completes 4 years in our home. We are very grateful to you and your team for architecting and building it.

Thank you

Ami Narayan &

Hi Pramod... Today finished 11 years in our house. Would like to thankyou for designing an incredible house for us. I was telling Risha about how u taught me some life lessons while designing the house


Amma and I had a long chat about how incredibly comfortable it is for me to even come and stay in as an adult.

Sriram &

We recall the discussion had with you and the site visit made in pursuit of building our dream house around 18 months ago.

The last 18 months has seen a creative design of the building ( it was as if the design was already in your mind- it was an eloquent rollover of the plans that has not seen any major change from conception to completion), Interesting integrations of both the houses keeping the individual identity intact, meticulous detailing ( the fact that all 4 vendors were within 5% of each other’s quote), followed by regular interventions, yielding to requirements from us only if it met the original intent and the willingness to improvise where possible. The house has come up and looks exactly similar to the original 3D view. 

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