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For the last ten years from around 2010, we looked at internship from a different perspective.

We found colleges not allowing students to become critical thinkers. Studio's briefs were not interpretive but so mathematical, and the design process, if there ever was one, was linear problem solving. The student just had to resolve the given problem to the satisfaction of the teacher.

No one in colleges talked about the built and unbuilt that together created the environment, no one talked about people that would inhabit the buildings the students designed.

So much more was missing.

The internship program evolved from this gross lack in institutions. So we set out to get ten students from ten different locations, cultural and economic backgrounds. Never saw their portfolio. Anyway all of them at some point look the same. Of course there are exceptions.


Experiences of Interns


Interning at Edifice Architects for six months under Pramod sir's mentorship was one of a kind, transformative and cathartic experience. It shaped my design perspective, opening a new world. I feel privileged to have interacted with Pramod sir and would urge any architecture student to seize this opportunity.

Vijay Dharmalingam

I interned here 10 years ago. Time at Edifice and interactions with Pramod sir during internship has made me a better architect this day.

As sir mentioned "Unlearn to Learn"

What to expect - A personally worked out internship program to develop critical thinking through various exercises, travelling, reading, documenting, watching movie etc...which are usually missed in academics. Not sure what sir has in his vault this time.!!


This is a space where I learnt about different perspectives of Architecture and there are many instances which echo through my ears during my current practice. I'm more lucky to have got a chance to do my internship, which made me who I am today. Don't miss it.


I had the best experience here. No hierarchy or gatekeeping, Pramod sir and his team are the best teachers any student could ask for. This internship is not just focused on technical training but gives students an opportunity to understand design better and be open to learning.

Aishwarya Sridharan

Interning at Edifice was the tipping point that convinced me I really did want to be an architect. Spending time understanding the way spaces "feel" instead of just look, was a mind-expanding experience. Being given the freedom to read and absorb and discuss what we read - it is how architecture should be taught/explored.


Everyone assured me I would adore my internship experience at Edifice, and later after completing it, I felt it was amazing. I didn't realize at the time that the tasks assigned were necessities for survival. Little did I know that he was preparing us for the future. Increased unlearning, massing, conversation, reading and travel. It was way different from other firms and the lectures given by Pramod sir really makes you think more. Everyone who enjoys designing built environments MUST apply.

Abhilasha Nagarajan

In a day and age where "mentorship" is scarce, I can vouch for the fact that this internship will change anyone's understanding of not just architecture but even that of life! Pramod sir has been my mentor since 2013, when I did my internship here and he opened doors which completely changed my life for good. Definitely an opportunity which passionate youngsters pursuing careers in the built environment MUST NOT MISS!


When I got an internship at Edifice, I was super proud and happy. There were nine interns, and we learned not only about architecture but also valuable life lessons. I can't forget all the exercises we had, Friday movie/TED talk shows, Hampi trip, site visits and so many. We learned the art of multitasking. The internship period was my first staying away from home. I can't forget the four months where I lived an independent life. Pramod sir and office people were nice and helpful. I just felt that Edifice was my second home. I had never met a person like Pramod sir before. He is a very different person who looks at things from a different perspectives. He is truly an inspiration to everyone. I will always cherish my internship period forever.

Ranjithaa Kalyansundaram

I would rather not call it an architecture internship because then it would fall under the stereotypical internship types. I would tell it played a huge part in a lot of my perspective on architecture and life in general. And its something I am and will always be glad and grateful for.


Coming across such a wonderful mentor in life is a true privilege. One cannot sum up the wholesome training and experience the internship provides on Architecture and life indeed! A wonderful space for any student to truly see the world, a prerequisite to design.


The best way to sum up my internship experience here was that Pramod sir helped us see architecture from an emotional point of view, rather than seeing buildings as just masses of materials. I cannot recommend strongly enough just how important this experience was for me.


I had a remarkable internship experience that was characterized by a significant emphasis on self-learning rather than spoon-feeding. This unique approach was made possible by unwavering support of Pramod sir and various colleagues at the office. it was, without a doubt, a great opportunity that has left a lasting impact on my professional growth.


I did my internship with Pramod sir in 2015 & it was unlike any other firms. Read, wrote, made models, travelled, re-explored basic designing - an unusual training experience that opened my perception towards the profession which helped bridge the gap between the college's "book-based" template learnings vs the real, practical profession. truly look back at the internship period very fondly & Pramod sir has been a wonderful mentor throughout. Edifice has been one of the best practices to be part of!

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