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edifice -

.....a firm for architecture and interior design consultancy was set up in 1987, by Pramod Balakrishnan. He is a 1981 graduate from the School of Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad.

The firm has grown and shrunk from a single individual to a team of over 50 and now down to 20 dedicated professionals.

To us, at edifice, we concentrate on the process and not the end product. From understanding the client's needs, aspirations, analysis of site and other knowns we begin the process.

Having said that, each project is different within the same typology, and determines its own rule and sensibilities. What has been done successfully before, may not work as well in another similar scenario. Every project for us is therefore a journey into the unknown - exciting, stimulating, learning, unlearning, adapting, changing and growing. Work therefore is not rote.

We are concerned about lifestyles, ways of seeing, ways of living - human behaviour. Concerned about how our built environment caters and nurtures the individual, the group and community at large. The intangibles are as important as tangibles.

For us architecture is rooted in place, its culture and the aspirations of the society. Our buildings have to be mired in context and not alien implants you see nowadays from across the seas.

We therefore, because of our ideology and the processes that we follow, do not have a style - a physical language to our work. The style is in the methodology, the result is in the built form not alien to the user, not requiring adaptation, not just brick and mortar. Relationships that are formed and lasting.



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