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Jain International


Built-up Area   





- 2,00,000 sqft

- Secunderabad

- Built

- 2006

The Jain International School, Hyderabad, is a pronged structure that emerges from a dual foci.

The school is divided into the senior and junior section through its form. The sections are separated by means of an amphitheatre that acts as a transient space as well as a destination point for the school.

The classrooms above are visually connected to these terraces and can look down onto them. The stairways are tucked into the vertices of the four prongs. They are designed to be the sculptural elements and are hence displayed off the oval courtyard.

The classrooms emerge from the open to sky, oval courtyard spreading into the four prongs that define the school's circulation. Each of these classrooms, at the ground floor are attached to spill over terraces that open each of them to the outside.

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