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Builders Engineering College


Built-up Area   





- 3,50,000 sqft

- Kangeyam

- Built

- 2013

An engineering college campus in 80 acres. Most of them came up in phases. And the most common way of doing a masterplan is to keep various activities in zones - academic hostels, staff housing, play areas etc.


This makes the campus initially spread out and waiting for completion. We looked at it differently. We had academic spine that had the academic zones which would grow along the spine.


The housing was on both sides of the academic block and so to the staff housing. It was a layered master plan which in one way kept the unused land untouched.


Courtyards streets plazas and the layering made it a very walkable campus at first phase. Sadly the project stopped there. The unused land now became decently priced real estate.

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