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Senthil Realty
Old Age Home


Built-up Area   





- 4,20,000 sqft

- Perur

- Ongoing

- ----

I am still confused as to what should be the design for such a typology. How should it be administered. What is the recommended population of such developments? Should it not be part of decent urban environment? Or should it be isolated? Should it be sold as apartments with some additional facilities? Many questions that maybe time will answer. It’s a growing typology and much needs to be understood.


For us this big facility is almost a regular housing development with some very base additional requirements.


So our intent remains the same. We now though look at life here through an entire day. And whether we can provide spaces with differing emotions and sizes that can provide the variety required.


Well we embark on this with the hope that we will get something right.

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