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Built-up Area   





- 4,00,000 sqft

- Vadapalani

- Built

- 2021

The long long site was a challenge. Our intent in creating spaces to foster community in all our housing projects gave rise to a new way of looking. 

The 58 x 600 ft footprint, 200 ft high was a challenge. 

But it also was an experience that we enjoyed. We have two blocks on a podium over parking and the clubhouse nestling within the two blocks and the pool in the space between. 

Gardens at every level became the community space to be enjoyed by those in that floor but also to visually connect with those above and below and with the outside world. 

The common spaces are well ventilated and filled with natural light that keeps changing with the sun. 

A large garden on the terrace brings the green that we do not find on the ground.

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