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ADK Jain Eye

Uttar Pradesh

Built-up Area   





- 40,000 sqft

- Khekra

- Built

- 2019

The intent for this hospital for the villagers in a hundred kilometres radius an hour and half north east of delhi was to give them an environment not alien. To build as if it was meant to be there but to change the typology completely.


An amphitheatre is the front of the building which becomes the connect with the town. To be used for public activities and also to allow villagers who might spent a few days with attendants to maybe sing, dance or play instruments as they would in their villages. 

The space inside explodes into volumes giving it air, light and a lightness on the skin. 

The facade is ordinary exposed brick to be in relation to the built environment of the town. 

The many who have come have informed that the fear of a hospital is suddenly not there. And that they find peace and calm in the inside environment. 

Health care beyond just doctors, tests and medicines.

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